Directions on how to find us.

---D&A is a privately held company that designs and manufactures custom controller electronics for other manufacturing companies without an electronic design department. We create the electronics embedded in their final products according to their needs. We pride ourselves on the creation of a decent and economic product, which is delivered 100% tested, on time, and in quantities that work for our customers manufacturing volumes.

Steps of making a design just right for our customers:

1. -- Identify physical information for the design: Physical dimensions, environmental operating conditions, appearance to the end consumer, and electrical specifications

2. -- Identify functional operation logic of the controller What needs to happen when, based on what the sensed information.

3. -- Build a prototype to test the design, physical and logical

4. -- Build production quantity circuit boards

5. -- Test and deliver the production circuit boards

6.-- Continued product support: Making upgrades and modifications as requested by the customer for additional features and converting to more cost effective components as they become available.